T.Batuhan Korkut

Aerodynamics Engineer

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My Resume

Practical Experiences / Occupations During Study

Cevher Wheels – Part Time Development Engineering,
October 2018 – Today
Researching and designing wheel rims and powertrain,
Aerodynamic structure analysis of wheel rims based on computational fluid dynamics.
Solaris Solar Car Team – Team Manager & Aerodynamicist
Solaris 10 Solar Car, October 2017 – Today
Provided maintenance and preparation of Solar and Electric Vehicles,
Worked in a team of 10+ crew members to design and built solar and electric vehicle,
Designed solar-powered and electric vehicle based on the computational fluid dynamics,
Managed to producing process and produced electric vehicle based on composites,
Designing an efficient, cost effective solar-powered vehicle for World Solar Challenge 2019.
Analyzing the aerodynamic design of solar-powered vehicle using Fluent and Solidworks CFD modules.
Planning and managing manufacturing of the solar-powered vehicle.
Improving efficiency of Photovoltaics, defining a problem about heat transfer of PV and solving at CFD softwares.
Designing, aerodynamics analysis and managed manufacturing process (VARTM) of Demobil 09 electric vehicle. Designing an efficient, cost effective solar-powered vehicle for World Solar Challenge 2017.
Componenta Corporation – Casting Internship
Designed fixtures to improve steel material and teamed with engineering department to test design of materials. Manufactured of vehicles, machines and equipment in various industries, who are local or global players and often market leaders in their own sectors.
GIMAS – Machining Internship
Created manufacturing standards that were adopted throughout the production facility aided in facility energy analysis. Managed to producing fuel tanks, oil tanks and attachments for companies that produce various types of machinery with engineering department.
Dokuz Eylul University – Front and Back End Developer
Designing interface and coding with PHP, HTML and CSS.

Educational Background

  • Dokuz Eylul University – Bachelor of Science Degree, Mechanical Engineering, 2014-2020, Izmir/Turkey

Language Knowledge

  • Turkish: Native Speaker
  • English: Highly proficient in both spoken and written
  • German: B2


Research – The Aerodynamic Effect of Wing Mirror Usage on the Solaris 7 Solar Car and Demobil 09 Electric Vehicle (International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering (On Review)) Book Chapter – A CFD Study on Photovoltaic Performance Investigation of Solar Racing Car (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Environmentally-Benign Energy Solutions, Eds. I. Dincer, C.O. Colpan, and M.A. Ezan, Copyright Year 2020)
Published Research – Using of Composite Plates in Electric Vehicles (Putech Composites, Vol 38, Page 8-14) Published Research – Aerodynamic Effects of Composite Wheel Cover on Electric Vehicle (EV) (Putech Composites, Vol 43, Page 20-25)
Poster Presentation of GCGW2018 – Photovoltaic Panel Efficiency Modeling For Solar-Powered Vehicle (Conference Proceedings of GCGW-2018, ISBN: 978-605-66381-3-8, #431, Izmir, Turkey)