Vehicle Dynamics

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Camber, Caster and Toe angle doesn’t stranger for somebody that deal with that. These angles provide safety on road to cars. In the same time, they are the greatest factor about tire life that using. By optimally adjusting these angles according to usage, vehicle driving abilities can be increased.

Camber Angle

Camber, caster and toe angles are the most controversial things but Camber Angle the most complicated thing. When I look at wheels front side of vehicle about vertical axis, The wheels are sloping to the right or left. It is the camber angle. If the top side of wheel is sloping to outer side, It is positive camber.

Negative camber angle is the most popular for using but positive and negative camber angle have advantage and disadvantage situation when they using. Front side geometry that set up with negative camber angle is provide high road dominance to driver when car is return. When the car go straight road, The driver has low road dominance. Because the contact region between tire and road is reduce.

Also when negative camber angle set up, wheels apply force each other. When the wheels contact between road, the force is balanced. But one of two wheels doesn’t contact between road, the car contact tends to slip toward the interrupted side.

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