Dead Point


We are deal with new electric car, unmanned aerial vehicle and missile guidance on these days. I feel like sh*t. Because these works don’t continue easily. After 10 days, University’s final exams will finish. When exams will finish, I will deal with a new braking system of electric car. Also I will start to design a new tank and supercar for various company. When I will start to projects, I will use a different method. I need to work with team that include 3 members. These members’s profession have to be art designer and the others have to be mechanics designer.

Except that, I have a self problem. The solution of problem does not depend on me. If the solution will not happen, I have to choose a different way and probably the solution will not happen.

United Solar Challenge March 2017

Hi there,

Egypt is a wonderful country for me. I met a lot of friends in Egypt and I get a lot of new information about solar cars during the race.

Hello world!


I am Batuhan. I am a bachelor of science degree student. My department is Mechanical Engineering. My second year in my university that name is Dokuz Eylul University.

When I have free time, I deal with aerodynamics and mechanic design of car.

I am writing this post with my close friend that name is Levent. We are studying Strenght of Material. Our workshop is below this sentence.